True Potential - Finishing School & Image Consultancy

Thousands of students pass out through the portals of educational institutions every year but only a few manage to bag the coveted jobs while the rest are left looking for alternatives. Why is this so? Most of the time it is not because of a lack of technical or academic abilities but because of a lack of what is now called soft skills.

Even after bagging a job, many find it difficult to continue with the job because of a mismatch in expectations and an inability to cope with the corporate culture.

At True Potential, the first Finishing School and Image Management consultancy in North East India, we help students and professionals unfold their true potential and get a headstart in their

careers by developing the essential skills which are not taught in the educational institutions.

Who are the courses for?

Practically everyone stands to benefit from the courses offered by True Potential because everyone can do with a finishing touch:

  • students of professional courses get a headstart by becoming job ready to make a mark in the corporate world
  • college students develop essential communication skills and emotional quotient for better career planning and goal setting
  • school students get the advantage of an early start to help them cope with the rigours and stress of an increasingly competitive world
  • working professionals seeking to boost their careers get intensive inputs on career building skills and career counselling
  • businessmen seeking to enhance their business, develop essential leadership, communication and people skills
  • homemakers seeking to improve their impact through better communication and social skills

Courses offered:

  • Career Jumpstart- cutting edge programme togive the finishing touch to students of professional courses to develop them into career ready professionals set to conquer the corporate world . Duration - 2 Months.
  • Cerificate Course in Personality Development - an intensive programme on personality development with emphasis on developing inner strength and emotional quotient. Duration - 6 Months.
  • 3 Months Course on Emotional Skills for College Students - a programme designed to help students develop emotional quotient, improve personality while setting career plans and goals. Duration - 3 Months.
  • Tomorrow’s Leader – an activity based programme designed for school students to develop essential skills required to excel in a competitive world. Duration - 1 Month.
  • Career Step-Up – an intensive programme designed for working professionals and businessmen seeking to improve their effectiveness and take their career to the next level. Duration - 2 Months.
  • Effective Communicator – an intensive programme to enhance communication skills and prepare for interviews. Duration - 2 Months.

Image Management

We offer one-on-one customised image management consultancy to help each individual reach his or her true potential. From creating a first impression to creating a lasting impression, this programme gives executives, businessmen, homemakers, and students the social skills and confidence to excel in their roles.